Stats to Date:
Total Miles:3990
Total States:5
Total Oceans Touched:1
Car Problems:1
Total Times Lost:4
Day: 9 Location: Wells, NV (Halfway point to Salt Lake City)
My cup overflows.
-- Psalm 23:5

If you look to the picture in the top right, you may notice that it's one of the few pictures that I'm not wearing a hat. That's right, you guessed it. I cured the dandruff problem. I know so many of you were deeply concerned about this, so I came up with the brilliant idea of shampooing my hair in a public bathroom. My dad calls this a G.I. shower... which I don't understand, since he's a lawyer, not a soldier.

So, I spent the day hanging around Lake Tahoe. I imagine this place as a great spot to retire. Close to the mountains, right on the clear blue lake, smack-dab between California and Nevada... the wife and I could have the grandkids over to ski in the winter, fish/boat/swim in the summer and in the off-season, we could gamble away their inheritance in Nevada (just kidding). But it is a really peaceful and friendly area -- everyone I talked to was eager to help me find something to fill my time with... by far the best suggestion came from a girl in a convenience store (you never know what you're gonna get when you ask "So, I have three hours here -- what's good to see?") who suggested I go out to Emerald Bay, which is the picture with the island in the center. You can't really tell from the pictures, but you can see straight down to the bottom of the lake in most places. I really would love to come back here to scuba dive in the summer.

After I had my fill of Lake Tahoe, I headed to my halfway point to Salt Lake City. To get there I had to pass throught Reno, Nevada, the "biggest little city in the world," which honestly looked like a minature Las Vegas. After passing Reno I had a whole lot of nothing to look at out the window. It was dark, cold and only static on the radio. It was also a great opportunity to think about all God had blessed me with over the past 9 days. I have truly felt carried and protected by the prayers of all of you back home. Scripture says, "The prayers of the righteous headeth much" and I know that many righteous people have been praying for me. I've gotten to see some of the greatest landmarks and sights in the U.S., I've been well-fed (though I am REALLY looking forward to a hot meal in a few days), I've stayed warm and have met some awesome people in every city I've passed through.

Additionally, God and I have shared a million inside jokes since I've been on the road -- one example was in Yosemite as I was about to walk on a thick coat of ice over a parking lot. I stepped out onto the slick ice while looking down at my tennis shoes and thinking to myself "I'm a adventure-seeker, I can take this. No problem." As soon as "no problem" crossed my mind, I was flat on my rear with a banged up elbow. Man, that hurt! Good one, God. No one else was around, but my pride shrunk back down to managable size. God has not only blessed me by providing everything I need -- but he's also kept me in-line.
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