Stats to Date:
Total Miles:2901
Total States:5
Total Oceans Touched:1
Car Problems:1
Total Times Lost:3
Day: 6 Location: San Francisco, CA (Mill Valley)
I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.
-- George Washington Carver

This morning started off with Cammie and I grabbing some coffee and talking for an hour or so... she just finished her last final for her first semester of law school yesterday -- so she was still recovering. I'd feel sorry for her, but she did it to herself :). I left at about 8:30am and just now, at 11pm, finished traveling. It was a VERY long day, but I saw some amazing things (as you can tell from the pictures) and listened to lots of good stuff: Six Bridges, Gary Singleton, the Message and Robert Earl Keen. The only radio on Hwy 1 was some wierd, new age chant that kinda freaked me out.

I've already seen most of LA -- Hollywood, Beverly Hills, etc, so I decided to drive through as quickly as possible in order to get to Highway 1. Highway 1 is considered by some to be the most scenic roadway in the world -- and I just want to make a little disclaimer here... the pictures do NOT do it justice. Not even close. You have to drive it yourself to believe it. Most of the drive is one sharp curve after another, with the road sandwiched between the edge of a lush, green mountain and a sheer cliff leading hundreds of feet down to the Pacific ocean. The views are so amazing I nearly ran my truck into the mountain wall while looking back at the previous curve. The 90 or so miles this lasted (imagine driving on an extremely curvy road for 90 miles) took about 3.5 hours to travel because of frequent picture stops and the 25 mph curves. But well worth it!

It was in this stretch that I saw a huge group of people gathered around one of the stops along the beach... so I pulled over and saw probably 60 seals laying on the beach and playing in the ocean. They were all making this low-pitched burping sound and flopping around on the sand. It was hilarious. If I closed my eyes, it sounded a little like my brother and me at the dinner table.

Finally, I got to Pebble Beach -- after my long day of travel I was going to get to experience a beautiful sunset on the famous Pebble Beach. I was really excited. I drove up to where my computer said the beach was and ran into a guard shack. Huh? "Excuse me, sir -- Pebble Beach is closed," the guard informed me. "Closed? How do you close a beach at 5pm?" He looked over my truck and said, "Well, the residents want to ensure no one comes into their neighborhood after dark." Fine. I turned around and did what any other mature adult would do in that situation. I looked for the back entrance. Which I found -- unfortunately, it also had a guard who was a little less courteous. I debated whether or not to spend the night there and see it in the morning, but I decided for my schedule's sake I needed to get to San Francisco that night. Good-bye Pebble Beach.

I then headed to San Francisco, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge (or, as Courtney H. calls it, the "Full House" Bridge) and stopped in a random neighborhood in Mill Valley near my first stop of the next day: Muir Woods.
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