Stats to Date:
Total Miles:11,173
Total States (& Districts):20
Total Oceans Touched:2
Car Problems:1
Total Times Lost:7
My Dad: Newest Supporter.
Day: 26.2, the end of a marathon. Location: College Station, TX
11,173 Miles!

Pictures courtesy of Raeley -- thanks Raeley!

Praise God I'm home! I've decided to include some random thoughts and ideas I've collected over this trip, followed by some interesting statistics: There are a lot of good people out there. Seeing the good in people brings out the best in you. Love is not an emotion -- it is a powerful force that cuts through sin, breaks down barriers and selflessly serves. The resources are out there if you know where to look. God provides for those who are called according to his will. Honesty is more important than being right -- but being right is good too. Take risks. Showers are overrated. Not all deodorants are created equal. Tough-minded, thick-skinned, soft-hearted. Misspelling "definately" 45 times in your journal is not worth correcting -- just leave it. Locals know the best places to go -- ask them. Scary looking people are not so scary if you treat them like real people. Dandruff is nasty. God is worthy of your complete trust. Too many Christians are scared to "be seen among the sinners" -- which is funny, because that's exactly what Jesus was accused of. Religious tracts are often for people who dare not befriend a sinner. If an atheist handed you a pagan tract, would you read it? On the other hand -- if an atheist treated you with love, would you listen? There are thousands upon thousands of Christians quietly (but relentlessly) serving God in their corner of the world -- take heart, they're there. "My faith has taught me to be as comfortable on the battlefield as the bed chamber." (Stonewall Jackson) Talking to strangers in public places is not only okay, its fun. Your prayers not only change the world but they change you. Why not go for it, ya know? Nature is a medium in which God reveals himself. Blood is a medium for caffeine to flow. America is absolutely beautiful. Perform for an audience of One. "Crazy" is settling for less than what you love. True friends support you when no one else does. Family supports you no matter what. It's all about people. Spend too much time alone and you'll start talking to yourself. Nonsense is nonsense, even if you dress it up with fancy words. And finally, "free is good."

Number of speeding/parking tickets:0
Number of Accidents: 0
Animals slain with truck: 3
Total Showers: 8
Avg. Hrs Sleep per night: 7
Total encouraging emails (est'd): 150
Total cash donations (excluding gas): $945.25
Total donated to charity: (AIM) $304
Number of timezone changes: 6
Journal Readers (as of 1/14/05): 325
Unique Visitors (since 9/4/04): 3156
Total countries to visit site: 17
Hours in car (Miles/Avg Speed): 194 hours

Thanks again for all of your support -- I am in debt to you all! Two people that I am especially in debt to are my Mom and Tracy. I did not give them the recognition they deserve throughout the trip -- though they supported me with gas money, phones calls, ideas, motivation and love. No one else comes close to the level of support they offered! Thank you both!
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