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Total Miles:7785
Total States:12
Total Oceans Touched:1
Car Problems:1
Total Times Lost:6
Day: 18 Location: Charlottesville, VA
I am at two with nature.
-- Woody Allen

By far, the best part of my living arrangement is what I wake up to every morning: the slam-bang of my tailgate opening up, me barrel-rolling out of the truck bed and a handful of shocked bystanders. It's awesome. You would think it would get old, but no. My hair is usually going everywhere and I just stand up, give 'er a big stretch and wave to the gawkers. It's a great way to start the morning -- I just wish there was an easy way to get my contacts in so I could get a better look at everyones facial expressions. Life is good.

Today was no different -- I got the local gas station to fill up my cup with hot water for free (I bought tea bags before the trip) and started down the road to the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway. Unfortunately, the pictures did not turn out very well because of the fog -- but trust me, it was beautiful. I can only imagine what the area must look like mid-spring when the trees are full of leaves and everything is green. I stopped a few times to wander through the trails and enjoy the fresh, mountain air. It really is perfect weather (besides the fog), perfectly quiet and lots of places to explore. I left one of the trails for a few hundred yards and started to worry I may run into Hill Billy Bob and his shotgun -- so I walked back to the trail. I'm not joking -- there's abandoned/run down cabins hidden all through the woods, having now been retaken by the forest.

I got to Charlottesville, VA, through the thick fog, got a haircut and stopped at Starbucks to type this journal and plan the next couple of days. The fog is so bad in this area, that when the highway was built they installed little lights along the outer boundaries and the middle lines in the road. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have been able to see the road. Oh, and people aren't friendly here... once again, it could be the smell.

That was essentially my day, I drove a short distance (less than 300 miles) over a very long period. It was a slow-paced day to relax, read scripture, pray, check out the area and pretty much do nothing. Tomorrow is going to start early with a drive through Shenandoah Valley and on to Washington, D.C. I've been once before, but I didn't get to see a whole lot... and I heard a rumor that the back profile of the Lincoln Memorial statue looks like Robert E. Lee. Tomorrow, I'll play mythbusters.
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