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Total Miles:6596
Total States:9
Total Oceans Touched:1
Car Problems:1
Total Times Lost:6
Day: 15 Location: Little Rock, AR
The voice inside your head that tells you to quit should be viewed suspiciously.
- Sir Ranulph Fiennes, British Adventurer

No one ever has motivation problems while they still have a head full of steam at the start or when the finish line is in sight -- its always mid-race when it gets hard to keep going. The excitement dies down, you start to take things for granted and your priorities get out of wack. After spending five days skiing and a day and a half with friends in Dallas, I think that's where I am now. It was much harder to get up this morning and I feel like I'm out of my routine. I also haven't had a chance to plan in detail where I'm going over the next two weeks -- so I'm not even sure what I have to look forward to.... and I'm a little worried the second leg will not measure up to the West coast portion of this adventure.

So, I got up this morning in Oklahoma City to take a few more pictures of the bombing memorial and head over to Borders to finally catch up with my journal entries and plan the rest of this trip. I really wasn't too excited about spending the daylight this way -- and as I pulled up to Borders, I started thinking about why I took this trip in the first place. "I must be out of my mind," I thought as I realized I was about to waste a day to "plan" and write in my journal. What a bunch of crap -- this trip's not about writing journals or "planning." It's definately not about wasting daylight when I could be on the road. It became obvious that I was flying upside down.

I turned myself right side up, pulled out of my parking spot, popped in "Execution" (an audio book on business), plugged Hot Springs, Arkansas into the GPS and started heading down I-40. Man, that was a close one. I almost lost my sense of adventure... can't have that happening. Besides, anyone who's ever tried to write anything knows you can't produce when you're in a bad mood.

About 30 minutes into the 5 hour drive, a wall of water started pouring from the sky. I couldn't see anything -- which is why I don't have many quality pictures from the drive -- but it was an interesting area. Run down country stores. Straw hats and bare feet. Chewing tobacco. My friend Mitch once told me the story about how he won over his high school girlfriend (and now wife) growing up in Arkansas: "I gave her a pair of shoes and she was mine forever." I always thought he was joking -- but now I'm not so sure. This place is backwards.

I got to Hot Springs, toured the Baths and walked around the trails (in the rain) in the national park for a few hours. There were a couple of water falls with steaming hot water coming out (hence, the name -- Hot Springs) and a cool downtown area that looks like a resort. The people were extremely friendly but I couldn't find a whole lot of things to do for free -- so when it got too dark to see anything, I jumped in my car and headed to Little Rock for the night. On a very positive note, I checked inside the "house" during a lull in the rainstorm and it was completely dry. This was the campers first exposure to rain and it was beading off nicely. That's a relief! Tomorrow I'm going to do something (I don't know what) in Little Rock and then head to Memphis and possibly Nashville tomorrow night. I have to throw out my entire old schedule now that I've decided to drive down to the Southern-most tip of the U.S.: Key West.

I wish I had more room to tell you about all the nice people I've met along this trip -- like the guy behind the gas station counter who heard me sneeze and gave me a Sudafed from his pocket (he was feeling sick today too). Even though I had a little motivational hiccup this morning, I'm still having a blast and learning a lot! Goodnight and God Bless you!
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