Stats to Date:
Total Miles:6181
Total States:8
Total Oceans Touched:1
Car Problems:1
Total Times Lost:6
Day: 14 Location: Oklahoma City, OK
I've seen 'em win and I've seen 'em lose -- but I've never seen 'em quit.
-- The Last Corps Trip

Welp, we were behind when the time ran out, Ags. Let me tell ya, it was a quiet couple of hours in the sportsbar (except for the LSU fans on the other side) watching Tennessee take advantage of our inability to hold onto the football. Part of me was glad I didn't pay $75 to watch that spectacle. Oh well.

After the game, Chris, Bozer and I walked out to try and give Boze's truck a jumpstart (in the excitement of seeing me, he accidently left his lights on). Our cables were both too short to reach each other, so we tried some Aggie engineering and connected two cables together (which worked about as well as the Aggie offense moments earlier). Failing in that, we pushed his truck out of its parking spot and tried to give his standard truck a "push start" -- which produced an awful grinding sound... so, of course we tried that again. Same sound. Finally, we thought to pull my car up next to his -- which worked. We're college material, folks.

Chris and I went to an Old Ags house for a while, then I showered at Chris' brother's apartment (which I really liked -- its very close to where I'll be working starting this summer, it has a balcony and a lake in the backyard... nice and reasonably priced. I may have found my future home.) and then headed to Oklahoma City. As I walked out to my truck, I noticed that a clever t-sip had placed a t.u. car magnet on my passenger side door. I'm not sure how long it's been there, but it definately made my truck look disgusting, so I removed it (I'm sure I can find an appropriate place to leave it later in my trip). Good bull, though...

Heading up I-35, I passed through Norman (home of OU), where my brother's girlfriend goes to school and decided to pay a visit to the campus. Sooners and Aggies do have one thing in common: we both hate t.u. But that's about where the similarities stop... they've faired much better than us over the past couple of years. After driving around the campus for a few minutes, I headed up to OKC. First stop, Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.

I vaguely remember the whole tragedy on the news years ago... but visiting the site was really a moving experience (better pictures are posted on Day 15). There were two walls, one saying 9:01 and the other 9:03 (signifying the detonation of the bomb and the final collapse of the building), with a reflecting pool in between. On one side, there is a chair for each person who was killed during the attack. Each chair is arranged according to the floor and office where the victim worked (or was visiting), giving the viewer a clear picture of exactly where the bomb's damage was concentrated. Each chair had the victims name, small chairs for the children. On the other side of the pool, there is a large tree called "Survivors" tree that was not harmed during the attack -- connected to an orchard of trees positioned to symbolize the rescue workers rushing in to find survivors. If you're ever in OKC, I highly recommend you visit this sight at nighttime.

I finished the night by visiting "Bricktown," which is a cheap River Walk immitation. I wasn't impressed considering they had spent millions of dollars over the past ten years to create this tourist attraction.
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