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Total Times Lost:6
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Day: 13 Location: Dallas, TX
Happy New Year!

Today was just a great day. I woke up in the stank town of Amarillo, drove to Dallas and met a lady named Mona who is friends with my stepdad and owns a local service station. I needed to get my oil changed and tires rotated -- plus I had heard a lot about what a cool lady she is... so, I dropped by as my first stop in Dallas. We talked for about an hour about everything from her birth country Egypt to trackbrad (which she is a supporter) and our faiths (a great Christian woman). She really is an amazing lady and I was glad to make a new friend... as I was leaving, she not only covered my car bills, but gave me snacks, drinks and made a monetary contribution to my trip. It was one of those times when you don't know what to say -- except "thanks." So, thank you Mona!

I then called my friend Jed who invited me over to his house for fajitas with his family and a few of our Corps buddies (Mitch, Kenny and Drew -- Chris joined us later.) I showed them all around my "home," ate some great fajitas and got ready to head out for New Years Eve. (Jed also gave me some new CD's and ideas for what to see on the second leg of my trip. Thanks again, Jed!) If you notice in the picture on the right, Jed's mom graciously cut out our feet from the picture -- yea, I was wearing tennis shoes. Look, I didn't plan to "go out" during this trip, ok? Which is why that shirt was borrowed from Mitch and I wore white socks with my "low quarters" (they were Cole Haans!). I guess I broke several "PR Chain" policies that night...

We then all headed out to a bar in the uptown area called "Idle Rich" -- which basically turned into Fish Camp Central. It was great to see so many people all in one spot. After a few hours, Chris and I left the bar to hang out with a few of our friends and watch the ball drop at Haley's house. Speaking of dropping the ball, we were all huddled around the TV with about 8 seconds to go and Jacob decides to "fix" the TV -- the channel changes to snow and we had to do our own countdown. Sorry Jacob, I had to mention it.

As soon as midnight hit, the party pretty much dissolved because all of us had to get up re-donkulously early to make it to the Cottonbowl/Sportsbar the next morning. Who schedules a bowl game at 10am on New Years Day, anyway? On a different note, one thing I really noticed today was that all this time alone has made me a lot less social than I usually am... I'm sure I'll go back to normal after being home for a few days, but I was definately much more quiet than usual today. But overall -- it was a nearly perfect New Years.
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