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Total Miles:5555
Total States:7
Total Oceans Touched:1
Car Problems:1
Total Times Lost:5
Day: 12 Location: Amarillo, TX
Do not look for what the world needs. Look for what makes you come alive -- because what the world desperately needs is men and women who have come alive.
-- Unknown, Wild at Heart

I hope everyone had a great and relaxing Christmas! I know I left Colorado feeling refreshed after skiing, showering, eating, sleeping, showering and eating for five days with the folks -- but it really feels great to be back on the road... even though today was probably the most boring drive of my life -- highlighted by 11 hours of nothingness except for the southeastern portion of the Rocky Mountains, the Texas border and the moon. Yes, the picture on the right with the big orange blur is the Amarillo Moon. My theory is that a noxious cloud of horse manure fumes distorted the moon's shape and gave it an orange hue. Amarillo smells like a giant outhouse, by the way.

Anyway, the long drive gave me a chance to think (which should be your cue to skip this paragraph) about some of the emails I received over the break (which I greatly appreciated) -- some mentioned they "could never see themselves doing something like this" and others, "just reading your journal makes me tired." The last comment probably has more to do with writing quality than content... but it got me thinking about how each person is specially designed to be an important part in the Body of believers (1 Cor. 12:12-31). Some people are eyes, others ears, some are hands... Each has its essential function for the body to be effective and none is more important than the other. In other words, not everyone is made to take a trip like this. The answer is in the quote at the top of this entry. What's really important is that you discover what makes you "come alive" and refuse to do anything else... no matter the costs. Anything else is a compromise. This trip, as wierd as it sounds, is simply what makes me come alive. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm having fun living as a foot (or, more likely, a pinky toe) in the Body. You (who wrote the email) should be grateful that you're an ear... closer to the brain and less likely to do something stupid. I know that was a random tangent, but I wanted to respond publicly to those emails and, to be totally honest, nothing exciting happened today. Nothing.

Sorry I don't have anything fun to talk about... but I did get a chance to look at some stats over the 5 day break -- so here they are:

Number of People who have read all 11 days of Online Journal: 354
Total Number of Unique Visitors to 2197 (repeat visitors: 3259)
Number of Countries to visit site: 16

I thought that was pretty interesting -- anyway, here is the Eagle Article I mentioned earlier (let me know if this link goes bad and I will post my copy):
Bryan/College Station Eagle Newspaper Article

Thats it for tonight. I really appreciate all of your prayers, encouragement and support -- really, I've been overwhelmed. Tomorrow I will be in Dallas for New Years Eve and Yell Practice... and Jan 1st I'll be watching the Cottonbowl in a sports bar/restaurant in Dallas -- so if you want to watch the game with me, call my cell! BTHO Tennessee!
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