It's great to be back in Texas! I left December 14th for a month of adventure, freezing cold nights, journal entries, ham sandwiches and America the Beautiful. And that's exactly what I got! This trip -- which started as a crazy, tongue-in-cheek "what if" -- evolved into a website, a homemade wooden camper with "varsity's horns sawed off," a GPS mapping computer, a flight suit with "" on the back, $5 donations from people I've never met, 3000+ unique visitors in 4 months, 27 days of traveling and a lot of money out the door. I hope this trip entertained, encouraged and inspired you -- for me, it was all three and more! You can read about my adventure by clicking on the link below!

Finally, I want to give thanks to all those who supported me with money, encouragement, prayers, music, books on tape, equipment, advice, skeptical questions that helped me identify problems, interest, laughter, ideas, word-of-mouth and understanding. Thank you Mom and Tracy, Dad, Michael, Lance, Chad, Erin S., Crew 2004, C2 '04, Zach, Granny B, Jonathan, Raeley, Mona, Liz and Med, Buzz, Alexandra, Marian and Steve, April, Matt and Bree, Gayle, Shawn, Bruce and Amanda, Jed, Lloyd, Emily, Grandmother and Grandad (both), Tricia and Rick, D-Staff '04 and '05, Amy, Kyle and the other 3000 who visited my website and smiled. Thank you so much -- I have been truly humbled by your support and this crazy trip would not have happened without you!

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