In order to preserve the free-spirit of this website, I feel like I need to have this final disclaimer before you part with your hard earned cash.

1.) This is not a scam -- this is simply a way to help a guy go on a trip that we've all talked about but never took. If you feel that this site may be a scam or a lie -- make the only responsible decision to NOT DONATE YOUR MONEY. I'll still be your friend. However, if you can spare a few bucks -- by all means, donate. Most likely you will be paying for a ham sandwich I'll eat somewhere between Nevada and Utah.

2.) Thank you for even thinking of donating your money to my cause -- but no, this is not tax deductible. Think of this donation in the same way you think of that dollar or two you gave to the college kid on the side of the road holding the sign "Help me get to $an Diego."

3.) This is just for fun -- not for profit. I will attempt to post some sort of record of all donations, however I can not promise full disclosure, nor will I hold to "Generally Accepted Accounting Principles" (Mainly because I do not know them.)

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