The Mission
Traveling for one month straight from Texas to California across to the East Coast and back to Texas, in my truck, seeing everything I can in between, while listening to books on tape, sermons and music in between visiting old friends all across the country, even if its just for lunch, and sleeping every night in a random Walmart parking lot in the homemade camper on the bed of my truck, showering occasionally and having coffee at local diners every morning while reading the newspaper. And using poor grammar and run on sentences while presenting everything from a tongue-in-cheek point of view... and entertain myself and others while on the road.

If you have to ask "Why?" -- You will never understand. In the same way a high school linebacker can not explain to his own mother why he loves the satisfaction of a great tackle, neither will I be able to explain this journey to many of you. Which is something we have to accept from the start -- because these types of things cannot be fully explained by logic or reason; they can only be explained by a grin and crazy look in the eyes. The same look a man has during a marathon or a safari or at the wedding altar. Fear mixed with determination -- fueled by a love for something deeper than personal comfort or shelter. I think the word I'm looking for is Adventure.

No, really. Why?
Many reasons. First and foremost, I will never again be in my current situation. I am 23 years old, no girlfriend, no job, in college with no responsibilities. And, I have a month off. Secondly, we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world -- and where do most Americans desire to go for vacation? Europe? Mexico? We (myself included) don't treasure and enjoy what we have right here in our back yard because it's not "exotic" or "european." I'm sorry, but the Rockies beat the Alps any day. Third, as if thatís not enough, I haven't done anything crazy or weird for a while. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, "Why not?"

Follow me as I travel this Christmas, starting Dec. 15th until January 17th. My tentative itinerary is available here. I will be keeping an online journal and a map, which will track my progress, under "the map" heading at the top. Call my cell phone. I love you.