Looks a lot like adventure.
Ridicastache 2007
For nearly a millennium, ancient Mayan warriors have resolved outstanding claims of male dominance through a facial hair design and grooming competition called 'Pelo Ridiculoso.' In an effort to better understand this ancient and sacred culture, Michael and Brad will themselves become follicle combatants. The battle lines have been drawn and the Belizean clippers await our skillful fingers. At the tail end of the journey, a fateful afternoon will once and for all decide who can mold his facial hair with the most grace and hilarity: Ridicastache 2007.
The Follicle Combatants

Brad, aka 'Red Beard':

'I'm really looking to make a bold statement. Hobo has a lot more experience with ridiculous mustachious creations than I do - so the design phase will involve hours of study in front of the mirror... and I'll have to come to grips with the face and hair growth patterns the Lord gave me. Mayan history records that the loser in this sacred competition would be thrown into volcanoes or fed to hungry jaguars. In other words, I really need to take it to the house. I will also be consulting with facial hair specialists and visiting local manstache events for ideas. I really have an uphill battle here, but I won't be discouraged... and I know my fans are behind me 100%... which means a lot.'

Mitch, aka 'Hobo':

'Red Beard would have you believe that experience is on my side, therefore putting him as the fearless "underdog." This is just soooo untrue. Well, it is true I look better with a mustache, but that does not warrant the mindset of being the "King of the Mountain." My experiences mostly lie in the traditional Euro-American 'stache, and as you know, we will be working with ancient Central American media (which I admit to be ignorant). But nevertheless, I believe I will still bring in the "W" despite the already unfounded notions that Red Beard cheaply used to gain the hearts of our loyal, intelligent and extremely attractive audience. Don't give in to his dirty politics; you are too smart and attractive. And remember, my fans stay behind me 110%, and this little bit extra sets the champions apart from Red Beard.'