Looks a lot like adventure.
Much like the destination itself, this journey is a deep mystery. Let's face it: TV hasn't said anything about Central America for over 10 years. Clearly, nothing is happening out there. We aim to change that. Our chosen destination (or did it choose us?) will be through the above mentioned uncharted jungle isthmus of mystery. Two brothers, Michael (Hobo) and Brad (Red Beard), will strike out from the comforts of the farm and frat house to the hinterlands of Panama. Pushing desperately through a most difficult land, wracked by civil war and drug trafficking, they will embark on a wild adventure through jaguar- and puma-infested jungles, active volcanoes, mayan ruins and underwater caverns, before flying out of Belize City, Belize twenty-two days later. Some say this adventure may be their last... some say a lot of things... are the last... things.
Michael's life can best be understood by first bringing definition to what it truly means to be an "adventurer." He is an adventurer, whether mountaineering the harsh and unforgiving climates of Colorado's Crested Butte Ski Resort or battling the intolerant Class III rapids of Angel Fire New Mexico. He is no stranger to fear; in fact, he is filled to the brim with it. Michael's other adventures include, European Exploration 2002, and that's pretty much it. Many believe Michael won't survive this next ball-breaking jaunt. We entertain this theory but ask that you please do not place any more wagers. Hobo currently studies Political Science and History at Oklahoma University, where he is a Sig Ep.
A self-renowned adventurer and traveler, Brad has gained mad skills from his previous treks, including Europe 2000, Tijuana 2002 and Trackbrad I: USA 2004. During these random, bonecrushing adventures, Brad's spirit is renewed by challenges met, cultures surveyed and crises averted. Mostly, he aims to drink deep of the fear which lines the brim of Michael's existence, while meeting with the locals and eating lots of food. If Brad had to say anything about himself, it would be that Jesus saved him from hell by His work on the cross. Red Beard currently works as a business manager for the Southern Bulb Company.

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