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Umm... credito?

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So... after waking up at 3am to make our bus to Copan, we had only eaten fried platanos and coffee all day. It was about 2pm and we were starving. So we checked into our $4/night hostel and walked over to a local restaurant called ViaVia. The food was awesome and only cost about $14 for two beers, four coffees and two huge plates of food. This was one of the better meals we have had on our trip.

As we were finishing our food and ordering our second cups of coffee, we had struck up a conversation with a nearby American couple, who were now living in Mexico. We talked about a few things to see off the beaten path and shared traveling stories... they began paying for their meal and we called for our check.

Before the meal, Hobo had realized he was out of cash and had nowhere to exchange his travelers checks (as it was Sunday). "No problem," RedBeard said, "I can cover you," since his wallet was fat with cash.

As the check arrived, Redbeard soon realized that the fat bulge in his pocket was mostly one lempira bills (about six US cents) and a few larger bills. All together, we had about ten dollars and the meal was about fourteen. Embarrassed, RedBeard tried to stall the paying of the bill and end the conversation with the Americans so he could try and use his credit card with the waitress.

The waitress came over and informed us that credit cards were not accepted. In exchange, she took RedBeards passport until our bill is paid in full

We then spent the next hour and a half getting leads from stores and hotels on where to cash travelers checks on a Sunday. The above map shows the rough path of our route. No dice. We now have to wait until 9am when the banks open.

In short, my passport is still with some waitress in Copan. Good story, I know.

Wait-- Brad doesn't have his passport? Why does this sound familiar...

Hope you guys figure it out! :-) I'm surprised those Americans didn't spot you. Had they already left?

You know, Katie... I was thinking the same thing! Hasn't this happened beford? Deja vu! Or was it a dream? How strange. :)

I do believe that your mother anticipated this possibility and that's one of the reasons she purchased the security socks with the zipper pouch - to keep money for emergencies. That is assuming the socks had dried out after you used them as towels. Be safe & have fun!

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