Looks a lot like adventure.

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The following depicts the creations and thoughts of the combatants:

Red Beard:

My design, both ambitious and highly symbolic, may not have reached it's full potential due to the use of an inferior electric clippers in the early stages of creation. I soon switched to a newer razor, however much of my strength (the thick carpet of neck hair) was already lost. Nevertheless, I kept my chin up and moved forward.

Minimalism is the message I wanted to send in this first, frontal view. I sought to capture both the dirtiness of our journey, our dwellings and our clothing through a use of, admittingly, the stereotypical "pencil thin mustache." This is also a tribute to Jimmy Buffet, who loved the carribean so... The "up arrow" symbolizes our unusual choice to travel "South to North" on the Central American isthmus, thus going against the backpacking grain.

The left side of my face depicts a whimsical, if not lyrical, rollercoaster of hair. The design impresses upon the viewer a sense of nature in a very unorthodox manner. Given our glorious surroundings and emotional trek, this felt like an appropriate expression for the left side of the canvas.

The right side depicts both a lightning bolt, symbolizing the breakneck speed at which we traveled many third world miles as well as the rough "isthmus" shape over which we traversed.

Finally, the underside. My greatest strength became my most glaring weakness. Originally designed to depict "TB II," for "Track Brad II," it's glory suffered at the dull end of an old set of clippers. I still managed to trace out the letters, but not to my personal satisfaction. In a sense, we have all lost for not having seen its full glory. Vote with your heart.


Well, to start off expressing the reasons for my actions in regards to my facial designs you have to know that my plan of action (contrary to Redbeards) was to "wing it". Some things worked out, some did not... ill let you be the judge, but keep in mind I am a special sponge that only soaks in compliments.

The first picture is my frontal view. I wanted to give the spectator an option of two different worlds of controversy and aversion. These worlds will be better described in the following sections.

First... my right side of my face was expressing the natural parallels that people live by without truly realizing it and like similarly charged magnets their instinctive urges to repel each other while coming from the same beginnings and consequentially ending in the same place (my chin).

Second, my left side... well, the left side symbolizes how men try to avoid hardships and responsibility when they feel too challenged and the fear of failure takes over the reigns. the top line that juts out away from the bottom splotch is this avoiding individual or feeling. Where as the bottom line that surrounds (seemingly to protect) the splotch is the challenge awaiting a worthy contender. Lastly the splotch, the most difficult area for me to announced completed due to its delicate detail and powerful passionate meaning that I felt should not be left up to a possible misinterpretation by the spectator(judge), is the reward(s) that follow the completion of the challenge or task if one is so daring to achieve.

The under view photograph accurately expresses what I have struggled with spiritually while on this trip and the burdens that most men carry (men, not women…women have no identifiable burdens). Sure, the different sides of the thick chinstrap of hair seem to be mirror images. But alas, they are so much more... they are the beginning and the end. Like Ying and Yang, these two sides represent my thirst to be a reflection outwardly as I live and breathe inwardly. It is truly a masterpiece of simplicity and insane rebellion.

One thing that I agree with is your statement that "women have no identifible burdens". As for the contest - I'm speechless.

I predict a tie vote. An excellent ending to an excellent adventure. Live long and prosper.

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