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Popcorn and Cornbread

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After Lago de Atitlan, we hopped on a shuttle and then an un-airconditioned bus (I wouldn´t mention that fact, other than it plays a role in what follows) headed to Rio Dulce. As usual, the random street vendors came on the bus selling baked goods, herbal supplements and fresh fruits... and since neither one of us had eaten most of the day, I asked the girl in front of me what she had just bought. ¨Quesadillas,¨ she said. Sounds good. I bought one... but it turned out to be cornbread. Earlier, I had also eaten some candy popcorn balls from a street vendor. Hrmmm...

Most of you probably know where this story is going... at about 8pm, our bus gets stopped in a line of traffic. Most of the men get off to go to the bathroom, so Hobo and I join them. I got off because the heat in the bus (I thought) was making me feel sick to my stomach.

After about ten minutes, I walked over to the ditch... and that was the first time I threw up. An hour or so later, I pushed my way off the bus... and again, I threw up.

We then arrived in Rio Dulce at about 10pm, checked into our hostel... and I started throwing up every 30 minutes until about 10am. I would break out into terrible sweats and dry heave the sip of water from the last trip to the sink/toilet.

I knew it wasn´t anything more than food poisoning, since I was throwing up and ¨nothing else.¨ At 11am I tried to eat some yogurt... and at 6pm I ate some salad. I slept the rest of the time and woke up this morning (36 hours later) feeling about 80%.

Hobo and I then hitched a ride for 10 quetzals ($1.25) with two friends from Israel and the UK and passed villages filled with houses made of thatch roof...

We stopped by the hot springs waterfall (see top), where a hotsprings river and a cold water river meet. It was a unique experience swimming in a pool that was constantly changing from warm to cool... first a patch of warm, then freezing cold.

After all that excitement, we headed to Puerto Barrios, the old stomping grounds of the United Fruit Company, which lies amidst endless fields of banana and pineapple plantations. Tomorrow, we plan on crossing the bay to Belize.

Glad you are OK. You had many of us worried.


"Tire de mi dedo."

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