Looks a lot like adventure.

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On The Road Again

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We arrived in David at 2am (after a 8 hour bus ride -- which was broken up by two stops for meals) and showed up at the Purple House Hostel, who has an amazingly gracious owner who welcomed us, helped us plan our next day and showed us to our beds.

We then woke up at 6:30am to make the 8:00am bus to San Jose, a four and half hour journey across borders... Red Beard walked into the living room area and saw a bearded American traveler sitting on the coach and waved to him. We then caught a cab to the bus station and got on...

At the border crossing, which was latino insanity, Red Beard took comfort in the only english speaking person around -- a familiar looking bearded American -- who turned out to be from Oklahoma and attended a high school in Tulsa (and, we later discovered, was the same man on the couch at the hostel). Through Andres, our first true adventure began.

Oh my GOSH! I was ON the site WHEN you posted this entry!

That may not seem odd, but due to my absolute dearth of Internet access over the past few weeks, it is quite a strange feat.

All right, I'm finished.

Wait, not quite finished:

I feel bad for that poor coach that the U.S. traveler was sitting on. We Americans have no respect for people in other countries.

OK - let me just review your blogs. You left on a bus at 6:00pm and arrived at 2:00am - 10 hours later??? I'm glad to see that those expensive Aggie and OU educations paid off. With my LSU education, I thought from 6:00pm to 2:00am was only 8 hours!

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