Looks a lot like adventure.

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Sorry that last post is kinda boring. We´re tired and I was in a hurry. We´ll try to be more creative next time -- until then our plan is to dazzle you with more cheap videos.
In Managua, Nicaragua right now -- complete dump. I´d rather live in Houston. It was leveled by Hurricane Mitch in the early 80´s and has never recovered. To quote our guidebook, ¨Few cities in the world have less to offer travelers that Managua.¨ It´s dirty, people are ¨ïn your face,¨ and there truly is nothing worth seeing. We´re about to go to bed to make our 4am bus to Tegulcigalpa, Honduras (9 hour bus ride), where we will stay for one night and leave for Copan Ruins (old Mayan Ruins on the western border of Honduras) the next morning. We may stay there for a day or two, because we have decided to skip over El Salvador all together. Even though we fully intended to (and very well could) pass through ¨just to say we did,¨ everyone we talk to has urged us to skip ES and pass straight through to Guatemala. The more time we can get there the better... We agree.
In regards to flora, there hasn´t been much since Costa Rica, which had just about everything you can grow in Houston... only much larger. There is apparently a grass variety that can grow to as high as 150ft out there... and after seeing the area for myself, I believe it.
We are just about halfway as far as days and distance traveled... hopefully more adventures in store soon.
Having trouble pronouncing the title of this post? Now you know how I feel when I try to pronounce any street name out here... but my Spanish has really clicked over the past two days, many words have come back to me and I am managing much better than the first week.

I actually find THIS post more boring than the last post. At least I had a sort-of cameo in the last one. ;-)

Finally (based on your vivid description) we may have found a place where your mother will not say "we need to go there". Be safe!

Everyone´s a critic.

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