Looks a lot like adventure.

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Catch Up

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We have about three days to catch up on -- but we want to be careful not to spend the majority of our time traveling on buses and typing on computers... so, we may just give a quick summary of the past couple of days pretty soon...

We´re in Granada, Nicaragua, which I think is our favorite country/city so far -- and the hostel we´re staying at is -- well, we hesitate to use the word ¨perfect¨ -- but its pretty close. It´s called the Bearded Monkey, you can look it up here: Http://www.thebeardedmonkey.com. Also, its for sale -- and I seriously want to buy it.

Today we´re going through a zip line canopy tour of the jungle... look forward to some new videos/recap on the past few days... because we couldn´t get a bus out of here for Tegulcigalpa, Honduras until Saturday morning, we´re ¨stuck here¨ for a few day or two longer than scheduled... we´re going to try and get ourselves back on schedule by just breezing through San Salvador... there´s not much worth seeing, so we hear.

It looks beautiful... and Micheal said it looks like "home". I'm not quite sure what that means! But I will take it as a compliment! Enjoy your extra days there and have a good time. I never thought I would want to go to there but now I guess I will have to put it on my list!

I visited the Web site for The Bearded Monkey. It does look really cool! Free Internet? Book exchange? And it's so inexpensive!


P.S. I swear I haven't surfed the computer at work all day. I'm watching the phones on my lunch break so I'm allowed to click around.

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