Looks a lot like adventure.

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C. Castro: A Tribute

Originally uploaded by trackbrad.
Although not to be confused with the communist dictator, Christian Castro´s moves can bring entire nations to submission.

It´s only a matter of time before he pulls the proverbial Mexican rug from under America´s feet, tipping us headlong into the Gulf of Latin Infatuation. ¨Sure,¨ you say, ¨but how will all those people breathe under water?¨ Our answer: Azul Love.

Whether strolling on the beach with his musclebound hombres, picking up chicas, dancing at hot clubs or just being awesome, Christian Castro has stolen the hearts of anyone who can count to tres.

America: Look Out! There´s a new Castro in town -- and you can´t put an embargo on his love! To see more on our recent discovery visit http://www.christiancastro.net/ or view the video below:

We have realized how much we miss normal, American music. Even the bad stuff. Seriously.