Looks a lot like adventure.

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Blue Hole

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We crossed into Punta Gorda, Belize on Jan 14th and headed straight to the bus station for our last bus ride over 5 hours.

Our guidebook showed a nice place with $10 bunks in the middle-of-nowhere but close to the Blue Hole National park. We got off and hiked the mile or so through the jungle (in the rain) to get to our beds. We show up at the doorstep of what turned out to be an exclusive adventure resort as two unshaven, unshowered and completely soaked backpackers... drawing stares and interrupting the day's stories of the corporate execs and their wives, who had paid good money for their adventures. We knew we were probably in the wrong place when check-in involved signing four different waivers stating things like "you are in the jungle" and that if anything "eats us," its our own fault.

We were also over 50km from any food and the dinner was a four-course $17 meal. We decide we're hungry and have no other choice... so we sit down, at a respectful distance from the J. Peterman adventurers. Fortunately, a backpacking couple (Katie and John) from upstate NY sat down next to us, so we talked for a few hours about budget traveling, sustainable farming and the must-do's for Guatemala. And dinner was incredible.

We slept in a thatch-roof hut and woke up the next morning to hike about two miles through the jungle before swimming in the freshwater blue hole, which is an old sunken cave. Finally, we caught a bus and rode to Belize City.

We can't tell you how great it feels to be in an english speaking country -- it almost felt rude speaking english for the first day or so, but we got over that one.