Looks a lot like adventure.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hunt For Rare Flora

Why are so many of our daily lives so, well... boring? Why do we feel like our job is "just a job?"

I never thought, going through school, that I would one day become a "flower bulb farmer." But in the pursuit of rare flora across the country (and soon Central America) I have found myself engulfed in a worthy mission. A mission that has captured my heart -- that I pour myself into every waking hour. I know it seems strange but, in many ways, I believe this is what we lack in our daily lives -- a mission. Whether it's rescuing bulbs, seeking and saving the lost, building a new business, finishing med school or completing a marathon, many have lost the sense of mission that makes us all feel "alive." Whether risking little or daring greatly, pursuing what your heart deeply burns after is crucial, in my opinion, to truly experiencing the full measure of your life. Of course, I am speaking in incomplete (temporal) terms.

This is our mission. To find adventure, rare flora and a taste of the full life we have in the pursuit of a mission. We can't wait to see what is in store for us in Central America. I hope you enjoy our strange, tongue-in-cheek humor on the above links and will continue to follow us into the "deep mystery."

Brad and Michael