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Sweaty Bedsheets

We arrived with only minor inconvienences compared to most travels...but still kept the excitement high despite being very tired. We didn´t expect our taxi from the hotel to still be waiting for us at the airport, but very relieved when he was.
To begin, Panama is BEAUTIFUL! While we were driving in we drove down amazing streets decorated by intense Christmas decor and fireworks going off over the water and around us. The downtown was kind of like a beautiful Dallas, which may be an oxymoron... anyway, it looked like a modern city, but with water all around and spaced out buildings.
It is very hot here (suckers - ya´ll are stuck in the cold). And it was awesome when the broken air conditioner sparked to life in the middle of the night. Just before it decided to grace us with its presence, i was thinking about how there were not many places on my itchy bed that were not drenched in Gaultney sweat (a.k.a. Man Fuel).
Well, I am of the hunger (need food) and this keyboard is difficult to type on so i will leave you with these accounts and start my day trying to make it to the next beautiful city.

I am glad you both have made it safely to Panama. I haven't ever been but it is on my list! I didn't feel like a sucker missing the heat however... the cool here is wonderful. I did laugh at the itchy sheets, they must have been really itchy for YOU to think they are bad since I know you can sleep anywhere and not notice. Usually I find you on the floor somewhere! I miss you both and look forward to hearing your adventures. Much love to the best two kids in the world. Be safe... you know I couldn't live without you. Mom

"We arrived with only minor inconvienences compared to most travels..."

Hmmm... inconveniences? Most travels? Why, what ever could you mean, Hobo? I guess one of you COULD have forgotten your passport... but who would do a thing like that? ;-)

I miss you both too. Stay safe and have tons of fun! I love reading the blog! :-)

As your mother hasn't heard from you in over 24 hours and there have been no new blogs she's starting to freak a bit. Not sure that I can keep her at bay for 22 days as she said today "If we don't hear from them tomorrow, we are heading to San Jose". Not sure if she was serious or not but a daily phone call, email or blog update would be appreciated. Have a great trip - BE SAFE!

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