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Proof of Knife

Originally uploaded by trackbrad.
Less than two weeks before our bone-crushing adventure, Michael and I went "under the knife" and shaved our faces (or should we say “canvases?”) clean on December 16th, 2006. This marks the beginning of the highly anticipated facial hair design and grooming competition, Ridicistache, and a level playing field for its combatants. In an effort to maintain the integrity of this follicle duel, we both attempted to provide “Proof of Knife” with a newspaper from Dec 16th – however, I (Brad) lost my camera shortly after taking the picture. Nevertheless, the competition will continue – as several witnesses have testified as to my clean shaven face on that day and Michael has accepted this testimony as valid. Don’t worry, I am going to buy a new camera before leaving the states in order to record the sights and beauties of the "isthmus of deep mystery." Also, we have configured a site that will enable our viewers to vote on the most ridiculous stache, which we will be releasing with the photos of our creations.

You two are NUTS!

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