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We´re here!

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Our morning began at 4am to the ringing of 14 alarm clocks and a wake-up call. Hobo (as he will henceforth be referred to) claims he had been up since 3am, read the newspaper, ran a few miles, solved a jigsaw puzzle and caught the morning news, all before I rolled out of bed.

We drove to Dallas and met Katie around 8am for breakfast at IHOP before she drove us to the airport (IHOP we don´t miss our flight!). (Thanks Katie, you saved us over $150 each in parking!)

Even though we arrived an ambitious three hours before our flight to Atlanta, we had our share of tight moments. For starters, we walked up to our ticketing agent, who stared at us blankly and said, ¨What do you want?¨ I tried to fashion a response before he smiled and made the first of a string of sarcastic jokes -- he was funny, especially when we realized, as we were about to sit down on the plane, that he had assigned both of us the same seat.

To everyone´s surprise, we were late getting into Atlanta (shocker) and our hour layover for our international flight had been squeezed to just under 30 minutes. Thankfully, we arrived in terminal A and our flight was leaving from T (which are side by side, rather than the international terminal E, which is a distance away.)

It´s a good thing too, since we had purchased non-refundable, non-transferable, ¨getchu there and that´s all¨ bargain basement tickets.

And then, another surprise -- our flight out of Atlanta was delayed on the ground for over an hour and a half. I´ve heard whether you´re going to Panama or Hell, you still have to connect through Atlanta -- and you can always expect delays.

Our landing felt like a hitting a speedbump expectedly at over 30 mph -- and the passengers cheered. We made it through customs without difficulty and saw and man holding a sign that read, ¨Michael Gaultney¨ -- who then took us to our hotel.

It´s really hot here (over 80 degrees), so we were grateful at 1am when the AC kicked on in our room.

Today, we are headed to the Panama Canal and are going to try and make the bus to David, Panama. Thanks for your support and emails!

Hope you guys finally got on the bus without too much trouble!

OK, I am starting to freak out! What happened to "we will blog every day, Mom." It's been 2 1/2 days with no word and I'm starting to imagine all sorts of things and praying non-stop for you boys. I was kidding about getting on a plane last night but now I'm not so sure. WRITE OR CALL!!

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