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Dark Water

It was about two years ago, before my last college semester, that I had just finished packing my truck with everything I needed for Track Brad I. My homemade camper shell was locked in place and my clothes, GPS computer, money from supporters and laptop were all packed. I had meticulously planned and prepared for the trip over the previous six months and had run through nearly every possible scenario. My website was built and my friends and family, though they didn’t always understand, were looking forward to following my random wanderings. I was, in every way, intensely focused on the mission and the tasks ahead as I loaded the last gear into the passenger side and closed the truck door.

And then it suddenly hit me: What am I DOING?

A slight panicky twinge crept in my gut as the unknowns before me took a dark shape. It was the same suffocating feeling a child suffers when he believes a monster lives under his bed. What was once a safe haven is now deep, dark water. The thought of being alone, wrecking my truck, getting mugged… or worse, making a fool of myself… all screamed to cancel the trip. I actually considered it for about 30 seconds.

Maybe it was pride that made me get in the truck and start driving, or courage, or both – but I learned something crucial in that moment. I learned why many never truly feel alive… why they hold so dearly to their safety and whatever security blankets they know and never step down any dark alleys. It’s not only Goliaths we fear but also the valley of the deepest shadows. I understand that differently now – since I know it’s not only courage or pride that gives me freedom to dive into dark waters – but my Shepherd, who’s rod and staff comfort me. He guides me down paths of righteousness for his namesake… and I know I will live in the house of the Lord forever. (Psalm 23)

Tomorrow night, as we step off the plane into Panama City, my brother and I will be stepping into dark, unknown territory. Even though we have planned and prepared, there will be no turning back. Stay tuned…

Looks like you guys are having a great time - Wish I were with you!

If you see a guy named Juan, tell him he still owes me the 100 AK-47s for the rocket launchers I dropped off last year...

Enjoy the adventure -


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